HSSE Policy


Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE) Policy

HSSE Policy
As a condition of employment, all employees and contractors are expected to work safely and in an
environmentally conscious manner by following established policies, procedures, regulatory requirements and work practices. This will ensure that their safety, health and security, and that of their fellow workers, and the communities in which we operate are not jeopardized and the environment is not compromised.

HSSE Philosophy
JM Company’s goals are simply stated – no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment. Our employees and contractors are our most valuable resource and no phase of business is of greater importance than their personal safety. We believe that all incidents can be prevented and that HSSE is an integral part of everyone’s job. Each level of management is responsible for demonstrating HSSE leadership, ensuring the mechanical integrity of our assets, providing a safe work environment, and promoting HSSE as a value. Our reputation and license to operate depend on strict adherence to this philosophy.

HSSE Practices
• All employees and contractors are empowered and expected to stop any unsafe job or project.
• Employees and contractors will promptly report and communicate all HSSE incidents and near misses
to their Supervisor.
• Work will not start unless it is safe and compliant with JM Company policies, procedures and regulatory
requirements. If there is uncertainty about HSSE or compliance, the expectation is to obtain the right
information from the proper authority and make the necessary adjustments before commencing work.
• Driving is the most hazardous activity most employees and contractors encounter on a daily basis. We
will operate in such a way as to ensure a steady reduction in the risks involved in driving and in the
transportation and handling of our products.
• All employees have a primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of employees, contractors and
• We will operate and maintain our equipment in accordance with our Operations & Maintenance
procedures, regulatory requirements, and standards to ensure the mechanical integrity of our
• Workplace and work activity risks will be evaluated so that necessary steps are taken to minimize
exposures and safeguard workers. The identification and control of workplace hazards will be
addressed in the following sequence: eliminate the hazard, substitute the hazard with a lesser risk,
engineering controls, isolate the hazards, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment.
• Clear lines of communication are essential to achieving an incident-free workplace. All employees are
encouraged to submit HSSE concerns to management without fear of consequence.
• Training will be provided for employees to safely and effectively perform their jobs.
• All employees are empowered to become actively involved in our ongoing HSSE activities and

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