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Transportation of the reinforced concrete beams nearby the Rioni bridge

✅ Modernization of Kutaisi bypass road into 4-lane highway entered into an active phase. 🔷 Within the scope of the project 10 bridges will be constructed (Total length of the bridges: 2452 meters). JM Company / ჯეი ემ კომპანი takes part in the construction of the bridges, in particular: 🔹 Transportation, warehousing at the construction site and installation of the […]

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Construction of Special Bridge in Village Nakhiduri

🔶 Two concrete Beams were installed on the pillars prepared in advance. The Bridge was made for Construction Machinery to cross the river. The Lifting was performed by 70T mobile crane in Bolnisi Municipality, village Nakhiduri. 💪 JM Company offers a full service with different types of construction equipment. 📢 Professionalism, Experience and High Quality Special-Equipment are the […]

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Dry Construction Materials factory construction in Village Gomi

Our 50 t. ZOOMLION mobile crane at Dry Construction Materials factory construction, in Village Gomi. Within the range of the project lifting works are being carried out by JM Company / ჯეი ემ კომპანი. The completion date for the project is May 2019. JM Company offers a full service with different types of construction equipment. Professionalism, […]

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The temporary bridge installation at the river Nenskra

☑ Lifting works has been performed with the tandem of 25 t. and 70 t. XCMG mobile cranes. ☑ The temporary bridge will connect the left and the right banks of the river Nenskra. Taking Special Equipment across the river became possible only after the installation of the bridge. Liquidation works for the elimination of damages caused […]

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Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe Project – Video Clip

“Company Black Sea Group” carried out the construction of a 15.5 km bypass section of Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe (Bakurtsikhe-Gurjaani) road. “JM Company” is participating in bridge construction process.In the scope of the Project, our highly qualified operators installed 44 t. concrete girders on the bridge columns by three 70 t. XCMG mobile cranes. The project improved safety […]

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